The aviation regulator should be handed the ability by government to fine airlines found to be flouting consumer rights laws.

An independent review concluded that granting extra powers to the Civil Aviation Authority will enable it to ensure that breaches “are addressed in a proportionate and timely manner”.

Consumer group Which? has been at the forefront of lobbying for the CAA to be given greater ability to crack down on carriers that abuse rules to the detriment of consumers. 

The government-instigated review said: “There was strong feedback from relevant stakeholders that, due to its current limited powers, the CAA are unable to effectively hold airlines to account. 

“There was a view from some consumer groups and some airlines that the behaviour of a few is probably unlawful, and that the CAA relies on competition to address this rather than using its powers to at least ensure compliance with the law.”

It added that “ministerial consideration should be given to providing the CAA with additional powers to more effectively regulate – in the interest of consumers – where it considers that an aviation related business has breached consumer rights law”.

This would include making directions to remedy such infringements or stop them from happening in the future and imposing financial penalties, “where appropriate”.

The review added: “The CAA has recognised that additional powers would make a positive difference and that having more effective enforcement powers would potentially make those it regulates think harder about how they behave in relation to consumers.”

The Department for Transport said: “The review recognises the CAA’s important role in protecting the rights of the consumer and critical work as an industry regulator. 

“It is important that passengers feel confident that their rights will be protected, and that those who don’t deliver an acceptable standard of service, can be held accountable. Today’s announcement makes clear that the CAA’s work must continue to protect the rights of passengers.

“Last month the government announced its response to last year’s aviation consumer policy reform consultation, which included strengthening the CAA’s powers to further protect both consumers’ and airlines’ interests.”

Aviation minister Baroness Vere said: “The CAA is an effective and well-respected regulator for the UK aviation industry, balancing the interests of industry and consumers.

“I am pleased that this independent review recognises the CAA’s status as a world leading regulator and it is only right that it strives to be even better, to deliver for all its users in the future”

In response, the CAA said it welcomed the government’s commitments “to strengthening its consumer enforcement powers, bringing it in line with other regulators”.

CAA chair Sir Stephen Hillier said: “The review has helpfully also identified areas where we can improve.  We welcome those recommendations – we are a learning organisation and always looking continuously to improve.

“We have already initiated improvements in some of these areas and I am confident that the implementation of all the recommendations will help ensure that we are an ever-more forward-looking, efficient, effective, and well-governed organisation, constantly looking after aviation consumers’ interests and constantly improving the service we provide to our regulated customers.”

Tokyo Transport Guide

Tokyo has developed a dense network of metro, train and bus lines that serve the Greater Tokyo area. As Tokyo is a very busy city, the public transport is the best way to get around the city. With the multilingual signage and instructions, the public transport is very accessible for tourists.

The rail network dominates the public transport in Greater Tokyo. There are several companies which operate the most extensive rail network in the world. The 13 metro lines cover central Tokyo, especially the area inside the Yamanote circle, around Ginza and east of the loop line. The busiest stations are Shinjuku Station, Ikebukuro Station and Shibuya Station.

JR East is the largest railway company in the world. It provides most of the railway traffic in Tokyo, as well as, to other destinations in Japan. There are several other companies that provide commuter train service to the nearby area. The Shinkansen (Bullet Train) is fast train service that connects the major cities in Japan. The travel time from Osaka/Kyoto to Tokyo is about three hours.

The bus network is not heavily used in the city centre. It's more convenient for places outside the central area. They are not as frequent as the trains, but they are a good alternative if you want to avoid the crowds.

Tokyo Narita International Airport (NRT) is the main one serving Greater Tokyo. It is located on the border between Narita and Shibayama, around 60 km from Tokyo. There are regular train, bus, taxi and private airport transfer services to Tokyo and the surrounding area.

Narita Airport is served by express and commuter trains. Narita Express is connected to Tokyo Station via the Narita and Sobu lines. The suburban JR rapid service train follows the same route to Tokyo Station with several intermediate stops which makes the travel time longer. Keisei provides train services to central Tokyo and the suburbs, as well.

Regular bus services run from Tokyo Narita Airport to the Tokyo City Air Terminal, major hotels and railway stations in the Greater Tokyo Area. Buses are generally slower than trains because of the traffic conditions. An overnight bus service to Kyoto and Osaka is available, as well.

The airport taxi service in Tokyo is fast and reliable. They charge by the meter and additional charges may apply for night rides.

To stay away from the crowds, it's best to book a private Tokyo Narita airport transfer with us. Our premium service includes a door-to-door airport transfer in comfortable and luxury vehicles at fixed cost. The English-speaking driver will meet you at the arrivals gate and take you directly to your hotel, and we hope you enjoy the airport transfer from Tokyo Narita Airport to Tokyo city centre.

Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND) is the second one that serves Greater Tokyo. It is located closer to the city centre, around 14 km. There are regular train and bus lines that run to Tokyo. The latest prices for a private airport taxi from Tokyo Haneda Airport to Tokyo city centre are on the link.

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