Why should you partner with us?


We guarantee to provide you with a consistent & growing number of bookings.


Our Finance Team works hard to ensure the payment to supplier is on time and accurate.


We have a 24/7 support team to help you.


You can use our system to dispatch your own bookings. For free.

Who we are looking for?

Legal Transport Provider

Your company must be fully legal and licensed to work as a Transport Provider.

Clear Pricing

Clear pricing helps both bb-trip and your business in sales. Try to make your prices as clear and easy as possible. It should both be competitive and that gives you a healthy margin at the same time.

Engligh Speaking Team

To better support our customers.

Wide Ranges Of Vehicles

The more vehicles ranges you own, the better chances we serve the customers. Electric Vehicle is a plus.


You have questions. wE have answers.

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Clear Price

Clear pricing helps both BB-Trip and your business in sales. Try to make your prices as clear and easy as possible. It should both be competitive and that gives you a healthy margin at the same time.

Hidden fees are something none of us wants, neither our guests. We do not allow our Transport Provider to take cash from customer whatsoever.

If there are unexpected charges, please do inform us and we will pay for this fee.

Full Passenger Insurance Policy

A Public Insurance Liability Policy or a Passenger Insurance, depending on where you operate, is a must with all providers. This is to protect our guests and your company.

24/7 Support

Many of our guests will arrive late at night, even sometime at 2 AM or 4 AM in certain airports. Having 24/7 support is the key to a successful pickup, in case your driver is uncontactable.

Driver App Usage

Driver Application is the key to make customer feel assured by sharing the driver’s location, trip details. Not only that, the usage of the driver app will help you as the boss to stay on top of your business with us: from driver assignment to sending us an invoice or updating a booking, it’s all possible with a finger tip.

Driver & Vehicle Information

We will not use your driver information to contact them for private work. Period. 

As a traveler, we believe a detailed contact information of a driver will help guests to contact them directly, leave you in less stress.

The guest would also wanted to know which vehicle is coming to fetch them so they can look for it from far away.

All these information can be updated via the Driver App.

EV Fleet

As the world is moving fast with Electric Vehicles (EV), so do we. We will prioritize the bookings to providers who can assist us with EV Fleet. Our goal is to have 80% of our providers who own an EV by end of 2023.

Add Ancillary

We want you to be competitive by offering the differentiators to guests. It can be from Wi-Fi Hotspot to a premium bottled water or English Newspaper or in-vehicle tablet.

More importantly, the driver is recommended to share local knowledge to the guests at their discretion.

We’ve learnt these are some of the points that help you to stand from the crowd.

Let us know if you can provide something that “Wow” the guests.

E-Contract Signing

As a global business, we strive to apply the best technology that helps us to save money, time and effort. We prefer to work with partners who agrees to sign an e-contract with us. However, if you do need a hard copy for tax filing purpose, we will send you one.

Ready to work with us?